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Birthdays are a magical time and escape rooms provide a unique social and imaginitive experience for you and your friends. It’s a fun party idea for kids, teens, and adults alike (though children under 11 need a parent in the room.)

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About Our Experiences
You have been chosen to help us uncover the Saint Medallion.

Lost for over a hundred years, this mariner merchant ship was on its way to port under clear skies but never arrived. We’ve been researching the location of the lost ship, and now with your help we will solve the mystery of the Saint Medallion.

With a crew of up to 10, embark into the depths in our Submersible Exploration Vehicle. Remember- you only have 60 minutes of air supply, so act fast to solve the mystery.

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Stand With The Accused

Join Cross-Time Excursions as we transport you back to 1692 Salem Town, at the height of the Salem witch trials. In complete comfort and ease, witness firsthand the hysteria of one of early America's most notorious tragedies. No one will be able to see or touch you on your Time Excursion so feel free to look around.

We suggest a travel group of up to 8 and remind travelers that they are limited to 60 minutes per trip.

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